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How to Install and Configure JMeter in Mac OS


There are multiple approaches to install JMeter on Mac. You can either do it manually just like we do it in windows or you can follow a more simplistic method to install JMeter via HomeBrew. I prefer the Homebrew method, as it gets the job done quickly with few simple commands. I will especially recommend it to those who are new to Mac OS and don’t want to go in details of manual configurations...

How to Setup and Configure JMeter in Windows


JMeter is one of most popular performance testing tool and since it is open-source, therefore it is often a start point for beginners in performance testing. In this blog, I will share a step-by-step guide that can be used to install JMeter in Windows environment. There will also be some configuration and script designing tips which you will find useful while working on real-time JMeter projects...

Top 4 Performance Testing Tools Comparison


If we look back into history of performance testing; then it is evident that the importance of performance testing was realized as businesses started developing large scale applications; that were expected to serve hundreds and thousands of concurrent users. This created a whole new market for performance & load testing tools. Today, we have hundreds of performance testing tools available in...

Performance Testing: Key Concepts, Issues & Testing Types


As more businesses have turned towards IT based solutions, it has resulted in continuous development of large scale & complex applications; which are expected to serve large number of users. Most of users from this era have near-zero tolerance level for poor or slow performing applications. Statistics tell that slow performance of any application leaves a very negative impact on end users;...

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