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2 Easy ways to set Environment variables in Linux


Environment variables are the ‘strings’ that hold a value related to environment of operating system, which in turn can be used by different programs or processes. Most environment variables are automatically set up, while software is being installed. But in some scenarios, software developers and testers need to set environment variables manually, while working in development or...

Introduction to Apache Tomcat for Dummies


Apache Tomcat is basically an open source [tooltip text=”A web server application is one that delivers content and service over the Internet.” trigger=”hover”]web server application[/tooltip] that executes Java servlets and renders web pages containing Java Server Page coding, thus providing a ‘purely Java’ environment for Java code to run. In simpler words, if you are...

Guide to Configure NetBeans IDE for C++


Recently in a project, I had to test some APIs using C++. To setup the testing environment, I did some R&D and decided to use NetBeans IDE for C++. Decision was based on many factors but mainly it was because of some project requirements. As we all know NetBeans is primarily a Java IDE, but it also has a very good support for C++ as well. In NetBeans, we can work with C/C++ applications by...

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