Learn all about Database and Big data Testing!

ETL Big data testing

Data has a critical importance in any software application and IT system. If we look into birth and evolution of IT systems, we will realize that need for accurate data and efficient information was one of most important reasons why top level organization started investing in software systems and enterprise level applications.

As the IT world is progressing into age of cloud computing and big data, it is becoming more and more important to ensure quality in data from all perspectives. Software testing teams which mostly focused on functional or performance perspectives are now investing more time and efforts to ensure data quality as well.

Few months back, when I started working on my first big data project, I was not as well versed with big data testing techniques, methodologies and tools as I am now. So, I am going to start a blog series on topics ranging from Database testing to Data quality management and Data warehouse testing. I will start from basics of Database testing and will gradually move on to advanced topics revolving around big data and data warehouses.

Please stay tuned and keep visiting our software testing blog for future updates!